Western Native Trout Initiative

The mission of the Western Native Trout Initiative is: “To serve as a key catalyst for the implementation of conservation or management actions, through partnerships and cooperative efforts, resulting in improved species status, improved aquatic habitats, and improved recreational opportunities for native trout anglers across western states”.

The vision of the Western Native Trout Initiative is:

  • “An increase in healthy, fishable western native trout, char and kokanee populations resulting from sharper focus and commitment to action on common conservation needs of western native trout;
  • enhanced public benefit resulting from multiple partners working together, sharing resources, and speaking with a united voice about the conservation and value of western native trout; and
  • increased funding to accomplish strategic actions as a result of greater community and financial support from initiative partners and collaborators.”

By working together, the partners in WNTI are striving to implement the most strategic actions needed to benefit these trout and char. And by working together to establish secure populations, WNTI will also benefit anglers by enhancing recreational fishing opportunities for unique trout species across the West.


Therese Thompson Project Coordinator
tthompson@westernnativetrout.org | (303) 236-4402