Conservation District HB223 Grants

Agency: Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Program Website:

About The Program

The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation distributes these funds on the basis of need to conservation districts for any purpose that they are authorized to perform pursuant to MCA, Title 76, Chapter 15, Part 4. Since 1981, conservation districts have used these funds for conservation related equipment purchases, saline seep and weed control projects, conservation education and information projects, soil survey, and various other water and soil conservation related projects. Funding up to $20,000 is available with no match required, if request is for greater than $20,000 or for an irrigation project, a 50:50 cash match is required for the entire amount. Funding is available quarterly to conservation districts. For more information and specific guidelines, please visit:

Contact Info

Linda Brander Resource Specialist | (406) 444-0520

Agency Contacts

Montana DNRC Helena, MT | (406) 444-2074

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