Habitat Protection and Enhancement Fund

Agency: Trout Unlimited
Program Website: http://montanatu.org/who-we-are/chapters/chapter-mini-grants/

About The Program

The Habitat Protection and Enhancement Fund is offered by the Montana Chapter of Trout Unlimited (MTU) and provides support for projects that:

  • improve water quality
  • improve riparian protection, including habitat restoration and acquisition of key conservation properties
  • enhance stream flows, including investments in water-use efficiency and acquisition or leasing water and water rights
  • enhance watershed health
  • protect important trout habitat from harm
  • advocate for policy affecting conservation; protection and restoration of wild trout and their habitats

These projects will further MTU’s mission “to conserve, protect and restore Montana’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.” Only TU chapters or affiliates in Montana are eligible for funding. Chapter presidents or the presiding officer of a chapter or affiliate must sign each proposal.

Contact Info

David Brooks Associate Director of Conservation

Agency Contacts

Montana TU Missoula, MT
info@montanatu.org | (406) 543-0054

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