Missoula Conservation District – Legacy Conservation Grant Program

Agency: Missoula Conservation District
Program Website: http://missoulacd.org/conservation-grants/legacy-conservation/

About The Program

The Legacy Conservation Grant is a matching grant program to promote large scale conservation and restoration projects. Missoula Conservation District will accept proposals for projects that best address our goals and will result in the best use of public funds to improve resources in Missoula County. Missoula Conservation District Supervisors believe that the most effective and successful project will have demonstrable or crucial need, include broad and diverse support, and result in on the ground improvements. Minimum awards of $10,000 and maximum of $25,000, with limited exceptions. The district will award 1 to 4 grants per calendar year.

In general, the goals of the Legacy Conservation Grant include:

  • Improve and Protect Water Quality, Stream Corridors, and Riparian Habitats
  • Improve and Protect Water Availability
  • Promote Wise Land Use Practices and Management
  • Mitigate Resource Impacts of Urban Development in Rural Areas
  • Increase Public Awareness of Missoula Conservation District’s Roles and Responsibilities and the 310 Law
Agency Contacts

Monica Perez-Watkins
contactmcd@macdnet.org | (406) 303-3427

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