Nonpoint Source 319 Program

Agency: Department of Environmental Quality
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About The Program

The state of Montana receives funding annually from EPA through Section 319 of the Clean Water Act to distribute throughout the state to groups interested in implementing projects to reduce nonpoint source pollution to our waters. These funds support a wide variety of activities including technical assistance, financial assistance, education, training, restoration projects, and protection projects. Eligible projects must be included within an accepted Watershed Restoration Plan (WRP). Eligible organizations include government entities and nonprofits. A governmental entity is a local, state, or federal office that has been established and authorized by law. Nonprofit organizations are identified as having a tax exempt declaration of 501(c)(3) from the Internal Revenue Service. Up to $300,000 is available per project and a 40% non-federal match is required.

Contact Info

Robert Ray Watershed Protection Section | (406) 444- 5319
DEQ Watershed Protection Section Helena, MT
(406) 444-5351

Agency Contacts

Montana DEQ Helena, MT
(406) 444-2544

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