Reclamation Development Grants Program (RDGP)

Agency: Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
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About The Program

The Reclamation Development Grants Program provides support to projects that compensate Montana citizens for the effects of exploration and mining on Montana lands and serve the public interest and the State of Montana. DNRC will recommend no more than $300,000 for most projects. DNRC may recommend up to $500,000 for a project if the applicant has clearly demonstrated multiple natural resource benefits, the need and urgency of the project, and the financial need and unavailability of other funds to complete the project. DNRC solicits, evaluates, and ranks each application and forwards its recommendations for funding to the Governor’s Office before each regular legislative session. With the governor’s approval these recommendations are submitted to the legislature. The legislature makes the final decision on which projects will be funded. Funds for projects approved by the legislature are awarded according to the funding priority list set by the legislature and are contracted according to available revenue. Not all approved projects will be funded if the total amount requested exceeds available funds.

Examples of Projects Include:

  • Abandoned Mine Reclamation
  • Brownfields Cleanup
  • Abandoned Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup
  • Abandoned Oil and Gas Well Cleanup
  • Mining Related Mitigation Projects
  • Crucial State Needs
Contact Info

Heidi Anderson Folnagy | (406) 444-6691
Stephanie Hester | (406) 444-0547

Agency Contacts

Montana DNRC Helena, MT | (406) 444-2074

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