Renewable Resource Emergency Grants and Loans

Agency: Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Program Website:

About The Program

Grants are available for emergency projects that pose an immediate threat to the beneficial management of a renewable resource and, if delayed, will cause substantial damage or legal liability.

Typical projects include: dike failures, emergency dam repairs, and emergency repairs to municipal drinking water and wastewater systems. The amount of each loan is limited by applicant’s bonded debt capacity. Loan term is limited to 20 years. Up to $10,000,000 in emergency loan financing each biennium.

Eligible organizations include: counties; incorporated cities and towns; conservation districts; irrigation districts; water and sewer districts.

Contact Info

Bill Herbolich | (406) 444-6686 Fax (406) 444-6721 PO BOX 201601 1625 11th Avenue Helena, MT 59602-1601

Agency Contacts

Montana DNRC Helena, MT | (406) 444-2074

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