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Agency: Western Native Trout Initiative
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About The Program

The purpose of the Western Native Trout Initiative’s Small Grants Program is to provide a source of funding to organizations that desire to become involved in the conservation – protection, restoration or enhancement – of western native trout at the local level. The small project funding program specifically supports collaborative approaches and partnerships involved in local efforts or community-based programs that provide for habitat, educational or public recreational angling programs that contribute to the Initiative’s efforts to conserve western native trout.

Projects considered for funding under the Small Grants Program may include riparian or instream habitat restoration; barrier removal or construction; population or watershed assessments needed for prioritization and planning; water leases or acquisitions to improve instream flows; and native trout community outreach and education. Individual projects can be funded at a maximum of $3,000.

Contact Info

Therese Thompson Project Coordinator | (303) 236-4402

Agency Contacts

Therese Thompson Project Coordinator | (303) 236-4402

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