Volunteer Monitoring Laboratory Analysis Assistance

Agency: Department of Environmental Quality
Program Website: http://deq.mt.gov/Water/WPB/Nonpoint-Source-Program/Volunteer-Monitoring

About The Program

The Volunteer Monitoring Laboratory Analysis Assistance program provides grant funding under the federal Clean Water Act Section 604b to assist local volunteer monitoring groups in their efforts to protect and restore surface and groundwater. This program is for laboratory analyses and sample shipping costs, and does not provide funding for any operational costs such as developing Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs), travel, monitoring time, or purchasing/maintaining field equipment. Eligible organizations include governmental entities and 501(c)3 non-profits. Up to $3,000 is available per project.

Contact Info

Katie Makarowski Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
kmkarowski@mt.gov | (406) 444-3507

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