Water Quality Mini-Grants

Agency: Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana
Program Website: http://swcdm.org/programs/mini-grants/

About The Program

Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana (SWCDM) provides grants to local groups working on an education and outreach projects aiming to increase awareness of local water quality/nonpoint source pollution issues. Funding support for this program comes from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s Section 319 Program. Up to $2,000 is available per project, and 40% non-federal match is required. Mini-grants are available on a bi-annual basis. Examples of previously funded projects include workshops, conferences, trainings, tours, student field studies, stream monitoring groups, and newsletters. Eligible applicants include conservation districts, watershed groups, local and county agencies, school districts, etc. that are capable of managing federal funding.

Contact Info

Jessica Makus Programs Manager
jessica@macdnet.org | (406) 443-5711

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